Soil Day


13.Oct 2024


11:00 - 16:00


Rietzer Berg
Rietzer Siedlung 11, 14797 Kloster Lehnin

The soil. The seed sprouts in it and the dead returns to it. Origin and end. Master of converting waste into energy. Today, we often trample our soil all over - exhausting it, compacting it with heavy machinery or sealing it completely. Yet it is the basis of all existence.
In this workshop we will deal with soil theoretically and practically. Time for ground contact.

We look at the soil together, take a spade sample and compare the soil activity at different locations. You are also welcome to bring a bag of your own garden soil (two handfuls - mixed from the top 20 cm). We can then examine these samples for texture and humus content using field soil science methods and compare them with each other. In addition to the practical activities, there will be space for exchange and questions that concern you.

The workshop will be led by Carlotta Gabriel. She studied environmental sciences and completed an apprenticeship in biodynamic agriculture in order to focus even more intensively on the soil.

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