Landschaftspark Rietzer Berg


Our donkey family consists of the two ladies Brauni and Knospe and the lead animal and father of all the small donkeys - Peppo. In 2021 Flocke and Rosi were born and in August 2022 the two youngest members of the family: Lilly and Basil.
Additionally, our donkeys protect the sheep and goats, are partners for donkey walks and like to get some attention from the park visitors.

Where are the donkeys right now?

In area 5 and 6 on the map.

Donkey walk

We offer individual guided donkey walks that are booked through our website.

How to feed us right


Donkeys are desert animals and therefore good feed converters which mean they don't need a lot of food.


Hay, straw, bark, sticks, twigs, grass

Only in moderation

Apples, carrots, beets, beetroot

Not allowed

Bread, too much fruit, other treats