Interactive reading of Laura Hari

Interactive children's book reading with Laura Hari from her current children's book "Finja Fenchel Titanwurz - Die Reise auf dem Wolkenpferd" with quiz and coloring.
Age recommendation: 8-12 years

"Hello! My name is Finja and I want to tell you a story so fabulous that you will hardly believe it!"

Finja Fenchel Titanwurz, who much prefers to be called Wanda Lianda from Macaronia, goes in search of her birth parents with the cloud horse Pilvi. On their fantastic journey through the endless expanses of the sky, the two meet the Murmels, the Little Prince and many other fantastic characters.

Will Finja solve the mystery of her origins?

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07.May 2022


15:00 - 17:00


Rietzer Berg
Rietzer Siedlung 11, 14797 Kloster Lehnin