Reading Landjäger by Susanne Rüster

"Landjäger" - a Brandenburg crime novel

In a swimming pool southwest of Potsdam, the controversial building councilor Milena Vogt is found dead. The circumstantial evidence points to murder. Is there a connection between the death of the successful woman and the expansion of the spa into a luxury thermal bath?
A new case for Uwe Wolff and his team, which leads the investigators into the field of tension between politicians, entrepreneurs and radical conservationists, but also deep into personal entanglements.

Susanne Rüster is a prosecutor and judge in Berlin and Potsdam. She loves literary foreign walks and so she created quite a few published crime stories and novels. She has devoted herself to police crime because she knows by profession how perpetrators act and investigators analyze.

Admission is against a small delicacy for the common buffet.

As a side note: the mosquitos feel as much welcome as humans here. So remember to protect yourself against them when visiting the landscape park.


06.Aug 2023


14:00 - 16:00