Experience the forest – book reading and talk


09.Jun 2024


14:00 - 16:00


Rietzer Berg
Rietzer Siedlung 11, 14797 Kloster Lehnin

Have you ever seen the forest from the trees' point of view, felt what young and old trees feel or got up to eye level with the big forest dwellers?

Actor Henry Nandzik takes you on a reading tour of "The Secret Life of Trees", the Spiegel bestseller by author and forester Peter Wohlleben. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of the forest and its countless inhabitants.

Afterwards, Peter Wohlleben-certified forest guide and geographer Ella Pettelkau will be available for technical questions and discussions.

You can also register with her for a guided tour of the beech forest at Bohnenländer See. Let yourself be infected by the enthusiasm for this ecosystem and its secrets and experience exciting encounters with large and small creatures that you have certainly never seen before.

Free admission.