Not her again! Hildegard von Bingen

That's not the way to do it! You don't do that! You'll never make it!

What good is the most beautiful goal if you don't know how to reach it? When envy and resentment of others or fearful worriers and narrow-minded bureaucrats stand in your way? Hildegard von Bingen's life was full of situations in which nothing more worked and it would have been most logical to give in. But when it came to her self-determination, justice and overcoming traditions hostile to life, the most famous woman of the Middle Ages could not be (s)topped.

"Them again!" thought many a monk, many a provost, and even the pope, when the nun, encouraged by a "Don't go!", immediately knocked again on their door. Walled up in a convent hermitage as a small child, she becomes the founder of two of her own women's convents, the author of visionary works, and the adversary of the most powerful of her time. An evening as racy, humorous and intelligent as Hildegard herself.

Hildegard von Bingen far from medicinal herbs and spelt bread!

As a side note: the mosquitos feel as much welcome as humans here. So remember to protect yourself against them when visiting the landscape park.


02.Sep 2023


17:00 - 20:00


Rietzer Berg
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