Fiesta – eating, dancing and music with an original Cretan band


20.Jul 2024


17:00 - 22:00


Rietzer Berg
Rietzer Siedlung 11, 14797 Kloster Lehnin

Concert by the original Cretan band around Antonis Leontidis with regional music from the island of Crete in Greece. Lyra, lute and song carry the audience away to the Greek world.

The Cretan band consists of three musicians: Antonis Leontidis with the Cretan lyre and vocals, Dimitris Kokolakis and Bernardo Isola with the Cretan lute. They play a mixture of their own new songs and old Cretan songs.

This evening we will eat together at a long table in the garden and then dance to live music. Because in Greece no foot stands still when the band starts. So that every guest knows where each foot belongs, dance teacher Patricia Lenz will introduce you to the world of circle dances in a small workshop. The workshop is suitable for anyone interested in Cretan music – even without any prior experience, because the steps can be learned very quickly. Watching other people dance is nice, but dancing along is so much better!

We ask each guest to bring a Greek specialty with them for the shared meal. From the classic tzatziki to olives, bread, stuffed grape leaves and other vegetarian starters to the leg of lamb, you can decide for yourself what you contribute to the buffet.

17 - 19 Uhr: dance workshop with dance teacher Patricia Lenz

19-20 Uhr: Greek food

ab 20 Uhr: concert and dancing

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