After-work donkey walk


22.May 2024


17:00 - 18:00


Rietzer Berg
Rietzer Siedlung 11, 14797 Kloster Lehnin

Attention! At the moment our events can only be booked on the desktop site. So please book on the desktop version until the technical problem has been resolved.

After-work donkey walk in the middle of the week. We invite you to relax and enjoy the evening together with our lovable donkeys and the other participants. We want to relax, watch the donkeys grazing and take in the summer evening atmosphere on Rietzer Berg.

The after-work walk is accompanied by one of our volunteer donkey experts, so that you can learn a lot of interesting facts about our animals and our association.

Duration: approx. 1 hour. Please remember to wear sturdy shoes and possibly mosquito repellent.

Please book your participation via the website.

Please do not bring any fruit or vegetables as treats for our donkeys. It's meant well, but it does them more harm than good. Hay and straw are healthier for them. We have this here and you are welcome to feed them with it.