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ProfileName: BasilSpecies:Domestic donkey (Equus asinus asinus)Date of birth:August 29, 2022 at Rietzer BergMother:BrauniFeatures:grey fluffy fur, white mouth, dark earsSponsor:MayaCharacteristicsBasil was born only two days after his half sister Lilly, but definitely chose better weather for the occasion. He’s a happy foal that loves to run and play with Lilly.How to feed us rightDonkeysDonkeys are desert […]

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Our donkey family consists of the two ladies Brauni and Knospe and the lead animal and father of all the small donkeys – Peppo. In 2021 Flocke and Rosi were born and in August 2022 the two youngest members of the family: Lilly and Basil. The seven donkeys have an imporant task. Together with the […]

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