Rietzer Berg
Landscape And Arts Association

§ 1 Name, seat, financial year
(1) The Association bears the name: Rietzer Berg Landschaft und Kunst Verein. / Rietzer Berg Landscape And Arts Association.
(2) The Association’s headquarter is located in Rietz and is to be registered in the register of Associations at the local court of Brandenburg/Havel. The Association also bears the abbreviation e.V. as an additive
(3) The fiscal year corresponds to the calendar year.

§ 2 Purpose

(1) The purpose of the Association is
the promotion of nature conservation and landscape management within the meaning of the Federal Nature Conservation Act and the Nature Conservation Laws of the State of Brandenburg,
the promotion of environmental protection,
the preservation and promotion of valuable cultural property,
the promotion of art and culture
and the promotion of the traditions and local history.

(2) The purposes of the Association are carried out in particular through

the preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of a natural landscape garden and its surroundings
performing botanically-technical and cultural-historical tours of the nature and landscape garden
construction and maintenance of further landscape parks and gardens, which are made available to the public
building of an “information center in the landscape garden Rietzer Berg”
organization of concerts, park festivals, readings, theater performances and art exhibitions in the landscaped gardens
initiation of collaborations with other landscaped gardens, science museums and Associations, which operate in the field of promotion of the city history and the local history of Brandenburg
initiation and promotion of a network of non-profit and non-materially operated parks and gardens which are permanently open to the public
installation of the nature-related information boards at significant places of the landscape garden
organization of excursions to other natural gardens and nature parks
opening of the landscape garden Rietzer Berg to the public and for school groups as an attractive natural learning environment with specific natural places of learning and relevant topics on the occasion of the Federal Garden Show 2015 in Brandenburg

§ 3 Charitable Status

The Association pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of section “tax-privileged purposes” of the fiscal code (§§ 51 ff. AO)

The Association is non-profit; It does not primarily pursue its own economic purposes.

The bodies of the Association (§ 6) perform their duties on an honorary basis.

Association funds may only be used for statutory purposes.

The members receive no allowances from the funds of the Association. No person may benefit from expenditures that are alien to the purposes of the Association, or by disproportionately high remuneration.

The Association maintains political neutrality in all its activities. It admits the members of all peoples and races equal rights and represents the principle of religious and ideological tolerance.

Upon dissolution of the Association or cancellation or discontinuation of the tax-privileged purposes, and as far as the assets exceed the existing liabilities, the Association’s assets should be transferred to the non-profit Association of Children And Youth Art Gallery “Sonnensegel e.V.” in Brandenburg/Havel, which should use it directly and exclusively for non-profit, charitable or religious purposes.

In case that the corporation referred to in the foregoing paragraph should be not charitable in the sense of the tax code or no longer exists at the time of the dissolution, the Association will, in coordination with the financial management, transfer the assets to a non-profit corporation, whose goals match those of the Association.

§ 4 Acquisition of membership

(1) Members of the Association can be natural or legal persons.

(2) In the event of a vacancy of the chairman’s position, admission should be made through written applications to the Board, with the decision to be made at the general meeting. The application for admission of minors requires the signature of the legal representative.

§ 5 Termination of Membership

(1) Membership is terminated by withdrawal, exclusion or cancellation of membership.
(2) The withdrawal is to be declared in writing to the management board. The withdrawal is permitted, subject to a period of one month at the end of each fiscal year.

(3) A member may be expelled from the Association if his behavior grossly violates the statute or the interests of the Association. The exclusion is decided by the Board by resolution. Before the decision on the exclusion, the person concerned is to give an opportunity to submit its observations. The exclusion decision should be announced to the persons concerned by the Board.

§ 6 Contributions, allocations, assignments

Annual contributions should be collected from the members. The amount of the annual contribution, as well as its due date, are determined by the general meeting. Also other obligations, such as allocations or assignments, which have to be provided by members, can be decided by the general meeting.
The amount of an allocation is limited to 5 times the annual contribution. It may be raised only once in a three-year period.

§ 7 Bodies of the Association

Organs of the Association are the Board and the general meeting.

§ 8 Board

The Board consists of the chairman Jens Bödeker, who is elected by the founding meeting by 21.03.2015 on lifetime and represents the Association judicially and extrajudicially within the meaning of § 26 paragraph 1 page 2 of the BGB.
In the event of a permanent vacancy of the chairman’s position, the general meeting elects a new Chairman / a new Chairman for lifetime among those persons, which Jens Bödeker determines during his lifetime in writing as a possible successor and suggests him/her to the general meeting for the case of the vacancy of the chairman’s position.
Selectable are only members of the Association, which have reached the age of 18 years. Have reached age. At the time of the election, they must be members of the Association. Were those individuals who the chairman Jens Bödeker has proposed as a potential successor to the chairman’s position to the General Meeting at this time not members of the Association, so have these people a legal right to admission as members of the Association against the General Meeting, latest at those meeting in which these individuals for election want to serve as chairman of the board / chairman.

In addition to the representation of the Association, the board handles the matters of Association Community in accordance with the Statute and the decisions of the general meeting.

§ 9 General Meeting

The annual membership meeting takes place annually in the first quarter of the year at the registered office of the Association at the address Rietzer Berg 1 or at the address referred to in the invitation to the general meeting. An extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened when the Association’s needs so require or then at least one-third of the members of the Association demand this in writing and under provision of the reasons for convening to the Board. Extraordinary General Meetings may be held by the Board as Skype- or e-mail-meetings and take effective decisions in this way.
About more information on convening and process of ordinary, extraordinary and online General Meetings determine the Rules of Procedure, adopted by the General Meeting on a proposal from the Executive Board.

General Meetings shall be convened by the Board at least two weeks prior to the meeting in writing or via e-mail. The agenda should be provided at the same time with the General Meeting announcement.
A general meeting is authorised to take decisions in full also in case if all members are present and this General Meeting unanimously and with regard to the agenda waives the compliance with the form and the deadline of the invitation to the General Meeting.
The General Meeting of the members of the Association is called in the event of a permanent vacancy of the chairman’s position by that member of the Association, who as a first submits a written order for the announcement of a General Meeting, which will be attended by at least a third of the members of the Association in the register of the local court of Brandenburg.

Unless the statute provides otherwise, any duly convened general meeting shall constitute a quorum.

In decisions and elections a simple majority of the valid votes decides unless the statute prescribes otherwise. A majority of three-quarters of the valid votes is required for a resolution, which provides for an amendment of the statute. The amendment to the Association’s purpose requires the consent of nine-tenths of the voting members present.

The form of voting is determined by the chair of the meeting. Chair of the meeting is the chairman or a member of the Association authorized by him or by the General Meeting. A written and/or secret vote must take place if one-third of members requests.

A protocol shall be drawn up upon the decisions of the General Meeting, which must be signed by the chair of the meeting and the recording secretary.

§ 10 Dissolution of the Association

The Association can be dissolved by resolution of the General Meeting if the General Meeting has been convened especially for this purpose.

To dissolve the Association, a voting majority of nine-tenths of the votes cast is required.

Liquidation is carried out by the Board Member incumbent at the time of the resolution, and in the absence of such by liquidators, who were elected by the General Meeting.

Concluded in Rietz, Rietzer Berg 1, on 21.03.2015

Signatures of the founding members

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