Philosophy of management

Holistic small agriculture and agricultural farmland at Rietzer Berg

It is about understanding forestry and agriculture holistically and developing it into an agricultural organism:

One can imagine an agricultural organism as an agricultural life context, in which humans, animals, plants, just the natural conditions and the other production factors form a relatively stable and at the same time flexible system, such as in an organism.

Building a sustainable stable plant community in grassland and forest in a contiguous area.

Especially in the forestry sector, which is currently in low growth due to the dominance of prunus serotina / black cherry, it has become evident, that the containment is not possible by conventional methods!

The basics of a biodynamic farming are:

Feeding the animals with home-grown feed (hay)
Maintenance of soil fertility by manure from the gardens recycling system
Maintenance of the forest by own livestock (sheep and donkeys)
Containment of the black cherry by browsing (success in a two-year management)
Forestation of the areas freed from the black cherry with native shrubs from the undergrowth (cornus, corylus, rose, etc ..)
Strengthening of the existing new vegetation, in order to withstand the pressure of the secondary emergence of the black cherry.
Construction of transition zones from forest to grassland