Arts Promotion

The landscape and Arts Association Rietzer Berg offers artists an opportunity to develop freely here. Materials and possibly needed workers are provided for a period of 2 weeks. There is a 120,000 sqm site with woods and fields available where you can install objects. Accommodation […]

Hermitage Cottage

The Hermitage offers stylish accommodation to give the possibility to indulge in the study of art. It is located a bit off the residential buildings surrounded by sunflower fields. The Hermitage cottage offers a peaceful place of reflection. It is however possible that the two […]

Philosophy of management

Holistic small agriculture and agricultural farmland at Rietzer Berg It is about understanding forestry and agriculture holistically and developing it into an agricultural organism: One can imagine an agricultural organism as an agricultural life context, in which humans, animals, plants, just the natural conditions and […]


Rietzer Berg Landscape And Arts Association STATUTE § 1 Name, seat, financial year (1) The Association bears the name: Rietzer Berg Landschaft und Kunst Verein. / Rietzer Berg Landscape And Arts Association. (2) The Association’s headquarter is located in Rietz and is to be registered […]