Vegetable garden

In the vegetable garden, you can also find natural herbs, whose blossom scent attracts bees and butterflies. Here chard grow alongside rosemary and rhubarb in addition to nasturtium. In the center there is a place to rest and enjoy. Freshly sown and planted. On the […]

The Blue Ribbon

The Blue Ribbon was born from the idea to bring water to the Rietzer Berg. A watercourse was created, which arises from the forest. Its course is not set and it can change its path. The Blue Ribbon forms a small spring pool in the […]

Map of the garden

A friendly balloonists came over and brought some aerial pictures, showing the idyllic location of the garden. Here the visual axis through the sun garden can be very nicely seen. The balloon was also pretty.


The turf labyrinth is located at the bottom of the garden. In the North it is bound to the open countryside by a wild hedge. The Cretan labyrinth has its origin from a glacial Alpine people from Lombardy, the Camuni. The drawings carved into the […]

Mushroom paths

The mushroom paths are located in the western part of the property. Here you go down the Rietzer Berg along a gently curved path.   Below the mushroom paths, the road ends in the moss garden.

Hobbit cave

The construction of the Hobbit cave can be found in detail here. The cave is designed as a steam bath. The air is heated with the help of a furnace. Water can also be heated, and then it runs into the depression in the ground.

The infinity pool

The Blue Ribbon cascades down into the infinity pool. Here you can see the pool filled about ankle-deep. A bench runs around, interrupted by a glass pane so that you can take an underwater look at the garden later. Water which can also be heated […]

The sun garden

The sun garden extends to the south of the residential buildings and runs through a visual axis to the upper part of the Rietzer Berg. The garden offers plenty of space for the Bedouin tent, which is set up on festive occasions. Braunie and Knospe […]